Rebirth - Smiling at a Changing Sky

from Scene I : Harlequin by Piezo



From the nest I flew
Home is so far away
Horizon changes as I stare
At the changing sky
Old bended man appears

“Hey, can I help you?
You seem to have lost your way.
Don’t be afraid.
I see you have met, my brother.
He sometimes can be cruel.
Please, come with me now.
I will try to fix your heart.
Just let it go.
This world you seem to hate somehow deep inside, conceals wonders.”

Out of the haze
So much fire Like some kind of light
I don’t care to face
The smell of Earl the Gray
Peacefully guides my way
To another reflection
I shall not betray

Once you’re out of the fog
The light has become so much brighter
Who was he to judge my path?
Time shall bring me hope
I can sense new faces near
Smiling at the changing sky

Overcoming fears, as we do with old enemies
Knowing where to go next, tears as a dreadful pretext
The path of an endless struggle, became a road for redemption
Once prisoner of his sins, now a fully grown Harlequin

Wonders, I truly see. My eyes cannot believe what is front of me. Wonders

“There is only one thing,
Said the old bended man:
Don’t go that way”
“Which way?” I asked with intrigue.
He then answered with fear:
“The way to the sea!”


from Scene I : Harlequin, released May 22, 2012
Music by Piezo
Lyrics by Julien Watine


all rights reserved



Piezo Québec, Québec

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