Scene I : Harlequin

by Piezo

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Julien Vachon
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Julien Vachon This record is high quality progressive rock reminiscent of Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd. The songwriting and mixing quality is quite impressive for a very first full-length record. Scene 1: Harlequin is a great voyage to embark on; an album that never stops from the moment it starts and never bores until the end. Well done! Favorite track: Rebirth - Smiling at a Changing Sky.
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Oh sunlight I have often heard of you Somehow looking for redemption Never seen anything like this before Never thought my forest could really have an end Only felt warmth through leaves and trees Much better than the wind told me How could I know ? Wandering in vast delusions For the past thousand years Behind me, darkened realms I finally feel alive Nothing like the world I left behind What is this gray road ? It doesn’t respond Silence seems the only answer It only makes me think about her Maybe the answer lies in infinite silence Without love there shall be no hate A tortured path that seems to be my fate Will I find my place, by any chance ?
This is the story of the Harlequin A friend of mine that I know pretty well Seems to him that no one understands That right now he’s going through hell Doesn’t it feel like a blessing? To dance while the sun is rising But for our friend right here I Sometimes wonder if I should interfere So, this is a Blues from above Let’s hear it folks, it’s a Blues from above Could it be a Blues from below? Strange, cuz’ I never heard of a singing demon so... First comes the hope of an inner desire Second comes doubt consuming fire Hope then turns real, such a joyful morning But curiosity can turn a man upside down Moments of confused laughter, is this the moment he’ll drown? Chaos comes next, lurking for sorrow But for the greater good, redemption he finds
A blinded man drowns in a sea of lies Curiosity of a lunar child erased from the skies To a place I thought I’d like, I have been sent My coming to this world I now resent A curious sound, a whisper perhaps Like a glimpse of a life I’ll never have A simple dialogue changed it all Am I as changing as the sky? I wonder why What if I could never find my shadow? Footsteps behind filled with dreams I follow The road ahead I just can’t help to apprehend Remembrance of a Silent Life I now pretend Dreams keep coming and the harlequin’s still singing Mother Earth awakes forgotten feelings A void of memories in the fog seems floating A journey of lost fears Shall now begin Everyday, every year’s the same To walk, to sleep, to eat, to watch them maim Cut are the trees, high are the dreams Black are the seas Once in your life, could you admit that you are useless? Until the sun sets we struggle for our lives Enough of this path, I don’t recognize this pretty bloodstained land Try for once to dance in the woods like this girl you watched and Watched Oh how you learned from her Oh how you yearned for her
From the nest I flew Home is so far away Horizon changes as I stare At the changing sky Old bended man appears “Hey, can I help you? You seem to have lost your way. Don’t be afraid. I see you have met, my brother. He sometimes can be cruel. Please, come with me now. I will try to fix your heart. Just let it go. This world you seem to hate somehow deep inside, conceals wonders.” Out of the haze So much fire Like some kind of light I don’t care to face The smell of Earl the Gray Peacefully guides my way To another reflection I shall not betray Once you’re out of the fog The light has become so much brighter Who was he to judge my path? Time shall bring me hope I can sense new faces near Smiling at the changing sky Overcoming fears, as we do with old enemies Knowing where to go next, tears as a dreadful pretext The path of an endless struggle, became a road for redemption Once prisoner of his sins, now a fully grown Harlequin Wonders, I truly see. My eyes cannot believe what is front of me. Wonders “There is only one thing, Said the old bended man: Don’t go that way” “Which way?” I asked with intrigue. He then answered with fear: “The way to the sea!”
Spread my wings Cleared my mind Is it here? Where I can find... “Cry, all of your hatred” Said the mermaid on the sand “Die, which can be granted” Whispered the demon of the sea Immerse thy body Fix thy soul Drown your very own Reflection Gloomy eyes Luckily he dies But in the waves He smiles again I’ll try to reach But time will teach That in thy soul Hides a beast Expect the worst She told me first As the other me stands still Like he wants me to kill Gloomy eyes Luckily he’ll die But in the waves I fall again He who claims to guide you Reveals itself as another He who tells he knows too Deserves to be fought, better Fierce is the enemy
Just got out from my head What an insane place A cold memory fades Such a difference Glimpse of lost memories And the mask just faded away A need for justice Paved my search for peace I can see Finally In the forest of my youth Lies an ancient tree So old he’ll die Without me It’s my time to cross the line As sun goes down, I just realized Not to see is not to be Bloodstained child behind a tree Blessed thy God, for what He shares Ask thy guide, for He shall care Many steps through so much lies To seize the day, as the seasons change Yes I realized All my life of lies Living as the blind Singing lullabies Nothingness imposed The world I have seen Through my mask of fear Could it be... ...near?
Moonlight I’ll join you once again So bright For I am not the same Every pound of land Every selfish man So much shame A thousand souls to tame For you are not to blame Skies of this realm Liberty I want to say I’m sorry This freedom Is not why I came here for From deep within Another dream They say it’s ending Into the light To fall we might I don’t believe In anything


Sixty minutes of progressive rock await you with the first album from this emerging band. From classic prog and blues, to modern rock and metal - a very diversified, yet homogeneous sound.


released May 22, 2012

Julien Watine – vocals, acoustic guitars
Patrick Fillion – electric and acoustic guitars
Jean-François Fournier – bass guitar
Gabriel Larivière – drums, percussions
François Warnet – keyboards, back vocals

Female vocals by Gabrielle Shonk, Martine Watine and Sonya Maltais (on “Hope”, “Visions” and “Redemption”)

Music by Piezo
Lyrics by Julien Watine
Produced by Piezo and François Côté-Fortin

Recorded, mixed and mastered by François Côté-Fortin in Quebec City at Blastbeat Studio between October 2011 and April 2012.
Acoustic piano recorded at École Jean-de-Brébeuf in October 2011.
Organ recorded at André Larue's Home Studio in November 2011

Photography by Gabriel Larivière, frédéric Gosselin, François Warnet and Christian Sirois

Design by frédéric Gosselin & l’illustre maison with Gabriel Larivière
Original logo design by Charles Gaudreault


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Piezo Québec, Québec

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