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released September 29, 2015

All music by PIEZO. Produced and engineered by Antoine Baril.
Recorded at Hemisphere Studios (Dec. 2014 - May 2015).
Lyrics by Julien Watine. Strings arrangements by François Warnet and Jonathan Hamel.

Margaux Sauvé ·· Violins & viola
Cindy Gagné ·· Trumpets, trombone & saxophone arrangements
Marie-Pier Gagné ·· Cello
Dominique Denis-Bérubé ·· Additional vocals
Antoine Baril ·· Production, engineering, programming & additional instruments
Charles Gaudreault ·· Artwork

Julien Watine ·· Vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Patrick Fillion ·· Electric & acoustic guitars
Jonathan Hamel ·· Bass guitars
François Warnet ·· Acoustic & electric pianos, organ, synthesizers & back vocals
Gabriel Larivière ·· Drums & percussions

Antoine Baril, Vincent Thiboutot, Jean-François Fournier, Manon et les Studios de musique, Débora Perron, Pierre-Luc Collin et le Musée de la Civilisation, Gail Cameron, Paul-William Picard-Dutil, Nicolas Boucher, Alex Barbeau, Caroline Cloutier-Gallant, Xavier Gonthier-Blouin, Charles Gaudreault, Margaux Sauvé, Marie-Pier Gagné, Cindy Gagné, Mathieu Chamberland, Maxime Rochefort, Didier Archaubault.


all rights reserved



Piezo Québec, Québec

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Track Name: Trumpets
Light has come
Goodbye my dome
And pulled away
By force unknown

Untied from home
Before the sun
Oh trumpets gone
Such I was born

Have you ever seen so much blood?
They seem to hope that you belong with your God
He should've cried when you died!
Still you have me treasured
Track Name: Lunar Child
World of light
Have I lied?
Engines speak
From the mind

(Moon) screams for help
(Son) lost in time

Lunar child, are you lost?
In the sky, diamond dust
Demons roam around you now
Into depths of hell, I will call and search
For you
Into depths of hell, I will call and search

Child in a field of cold
And you must go on
Running from the clouds
To her

Anytime, anyway
You have flown, over lies
To Become, Lunar Child

Lunar child, full of light
Fireflies in an instant bright
Into depths of hell, I will call and search
For you
Into depths of hell, I will call and search

Child in a field of cold
And you must go on
Running from the shades
To you

Anytime, anyway
You have flown, over lies
To Become
Lunar Child
Track Name: The World Without Us?
With all our friends
The body aches
Will you confess?

Strings are played
Above our souls
And we must not show
That we all know

Greetings ladies and gentlemen
Oh we've been satisfied with them
Until now

Careful with that axe my friend
Separate your soul from the thread
You said

This world by no means will end
The infant blood now shall be shed
These words might offend

You mean we’ll never die?
Don’t we hurt, the world
It’s always going down
They say life is a gift
Nature withers
The world with us is dying out

Dreaming of a world without us

Hell has taken over our world
Did we simply, stop to care for us?
Earth shall shine amongst the others
So why don’t you give up the ghost
Dreaming about us?
Give up the ghost!
Track Name: A Defining Day
I'm lost in time
Already dead
So young to realize
Something went bad

Everyone sad
Days have gone poor
Colours did fade
Lost in their shade

It happened then
Souls made to bend
Those kinds of days
Where they feel like painting in gray
How can we know?
How can we show?
Work to be done
They laugh and die under the sun

Fire extinct
Scream through my lips
Sealed burnt
Defining day
Track Name: Stars Do Lie
You once lost yourself
Into radiance
Lights above your head
Never let you down
Waiting for truth to come and seize the best of you
You have submitted your life to the stars

She proposed to you
The timing wasn't right
Searching an answer in comets and satellites
She left your side without any regret

Lights have faded out
And so have my doubts
Countless letters sent
Life seems meaningless
But suddenly your eyes gaze at a star
Equations you made predicted this movement afar

I am waiting for the sky
It must mean that
We should doubt this wall of light
I am waiting for the night
Shivers at the fear that
Stars do die

She searched for the sun
Is that why she's gone?
Doesn't make no sense
Night and day unite

I will stop to wait for my
Perfect star tonight
'Cause there should be no light
I will stop to look for my
Perfect star 'til I
Accept that stars do lie
Stars do lie, and so do I

I have lost my mind
The star didn't show
Now all I have left
Is this life to throw?
Track Name: Dreaming Now
Motionless and without any face
You don’t need me here
Until end of times follow my trace
Dreams are made of fear

Traces of light
Shades of you there
Light is gone now
Doors fade

I fall
Yet I fly
Catch me
If you might

Traps are
You don't care

You don't care

I fall
Yet I fly
Catch me
If you might
Track Name: Black Nova
You’ll have to stay strong my friend
We’re nothing but trash in the end
The mad men like to see what’s real
Ferocious because I’m here

So young and so frail
Eager to bring his life to an end

Beneath your crown of sudden bliss
Behold this world where no one fails
They prayed a lot but nonetheless
Nailed to a cross no He won’t help

Walking down the aisle
Something shows and wipes the trail
Then doors of perception closed
28 grams that no one chose
And we die
And we cry
And we doubt
And we lie
Every time

Black Nova please
This life of pain shall you cease?
Black nova see
What we have done shall never be
Track Name: Never Mind the Other's Dream
You stand your little ground
My life begins today
Life rewinding without a sound
Shall we dance again?

Will we face the world alone?
Aware that this body is our home
Absent friend, where have you been?
Never mind the other's dream tonight

I see them behind a stone
Fighting for a glimpse of me
I feel trapped
As years go by and by

Will we face the world alone?
Aware that this body is our home
Absent friend, where have you been?
Never mind the other's dream tonight

Forgive me mother, before me father
Trying not to lose control
But for my sister, until I meet her
Such memories from the soul
As for the pretty, the very lonely
The only one that could say
It’s taken care of, he won’t be heard of
Now sleeping sound as a tree

I won't help you be
The child you have seen
In your utter dreams
Beyond skies and seas
You shall realize
How much time will pass
Into my own lies
Tomorrow will be past

Will we face this world alone?
Aware that this body is our home
Absent friend, where have you been?
Never mind the other's dream tonight
Track Name: Behold, Orion
You came from nothing
Too proud for your kin
You were born in, such a mess
Through your own eyes, life is a sin

You were born in, such a mess
Through your own eyes
Living seems too strange
For one with much pain
How can we breathe, and not collapse?
Walking on roads, just full of traps

Blackened my eyes, darkness has shown
Science prevails now

Moon shines while you sleep
Grace fades through the years
There is no thread that's holding me
I fear no God, nor destiny
Blackened my eyes, darkness has shown
Science must wear that evil crown

Behold, God
Let's cover him with blood
Behold, Orion
Let's make one with the sun
We won’t forget is gone
Without Him we’re lost
Strange the dogma’s force

Constellation be our guide
Some of us don’t want to fight
They won’t forgive
The living will live
Behold, God
Behold, Orion

Everybody goes
Away with no sound
When you raise your eyes
Surprise in the skies
Track Name: Angry Eyes
We can tell
The things you hide
Beneath your old crown
So many things to lose again

Oh mother save me please
There is a boy who grieves

Stupid enough to be in love

Let’s face the world
Let’s truly love
And burn
From inside out
Let’s find the man
Who brings the pain
And stop him right now

You should regret you did it
But no ones watches
If this is how you feel
Until the sun comes down
The sun goes up
And starts to fill your mind

Scream and disobey
Say no, get punished
Eyes that won’t give love
Your tears won’t mean much
I care for nothing
I care for no one

Let’s burn the skies
Oh angry eyes
I fear

You’re stupid enough to be in love

You better start to behave
And be done with it
If you can’t even be saved
By your innocence
As the moonlit dance
Our days will come forth right now

Anywhere I go
Truly must be so
Anger filled I know
Songs will come to show

Anywhere I go
Will forever glow

Oh Angry Eyes
What have you done?
Hateful child
Now is born
Track Name: Comet of Grace
Don't you just stand there
I know you didn't mean to stare
Seems like you missed your chance once again
That comet full of grace for you will never care

Gone for a second now
Will I spend my days just wondering how...
How can two beings be so apart?
Still this feeling I haven't played my cards

Don't think I can save it all
Comet of grace just hear me fall
Such light shines through space and time
Why can't you give me what is mine?

As you fade away in the night
I don't suppose you can see me smile
But I lost myself in your light
Of my pride and life I think I've lost the sight

Thought it'd hurt to let you go
But I guess we'll find a way to say hello
Really hoped your grace were made for me
But I realized it is for the world to see
Track Name: The Soil
Sunshine on my spotless shrine
Happiness was hard to find
Will you dance for me with grace?
Until nothing but your face

The soil fades away

Comets flew and stars did lie
But I grew tired of being alive
Nova, consummate me please
Erase my soul before He sees
Forget that I was led astray

As the soil fades away

Sunshine in my hollowed mind
Still now I care for my kind
Truth is I do not regret
I leave feeling so complete

As the soil fades away
Track Name: Lights Out.
Every newborn child
Every tear you cry
Every dark is light
Pictures of
Memories of

Every smile she makes
And everyone I fake
Every time death takes
Pictures of
Memories of

Every growing tree
Every God you can't see
Pain and joy you feel
Pictures of
Memories of

Every star that lies
Every sun that dies
Every comet high
Pictures of
Memories of

Every choice we have
Every dream inside
Binding every life
Pictures of
Memories of

Every soul alone
Every flesh and bone
Carved in every stone
Pictures of
Memories of